Preformed Guy Grip Dead End ADSS Cable Accessories

Preformed ADSS Tension Clamp

Aerial ADSS Cables Accessories ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) cables are widely used in the telecommunications industry for overhead installations. These cables are designed to be self-supporting, eliminating the need for additional support structures such as poles or towers. To ensure the stability and longevity of ADSS cables, preformed guy grip dead ends are used. Preformed Guy […]

What Fire Clips Use to Aesthetically Enhance Your Wall Cable Installations?

Fire Clips

What are round-head cable fire clips? The round-head Cable Fire Clips is made of high-quality & durable spring steel, which is suitable for soft skin, flex, round cables, and PVC trunking. Cable Fire Clips Feature – Fire-rated & Over 1,200°C melting point – High Quality & Durable Spring Steel Material -Surface Treatment: Powder Coated Available […]

Sno-Shoe Fiber Optic Cable Slack Storage System Manufacturer in China

Aluminum Fiber Optic Storage Snowshoe

What is a Cable Slack Storage System (Sno-Shoe) ? A cable slack storage system is a mechanism designed to manage the excess length of fiber optic cables that is left during installation. It provides a stable and organized space to store slack cables, preventing any damage or interference to data transmission. The system typically consists […]

3-Bolts Serpentine Suspension Clamp Manufacturer in China

3 Bolt Serpentine Suspension Clamp

Description 3 Bolt Serpentine Suspension Clamp, also called Three bolt suspension clamp, rolled from carbon steel with straight parallel grooves that will not damage the strand. What material is the Serpentine Suspension Clamp made of? Constructed of high quality carbon steel and surface hot dipped galvanized. How does Serpentine Suspension Clamp work? The suspension clamp […]

About the Drop Wire Clamp

Drop Wire Clamp

A drop wire clamp is utilized to aid one or two pairs of fiber drop wire at the span clamps, drive hooks, and different kinds of other attachments for the drop. It is used, in addition, to aid the aerial service of terminals drop the span at the building and the messenger strand. Drop wire […]