Aerial drop hardware is widely used in aerial pole line /aerial drop wire projects. Drop wire clamps for 1, 2 pairs telephone line drop wire, CATV drop wire clamps for figure 8 coaxial drop cable/messenger drop wire, plastic wire clamp for fiber optical wire clamp, and SWA cable cleats for support of cables when attaching them to buildings, high structures.

Pole line hardware series products are also called utility pole hardware, drop line hardware, aerial drop hardware, poleline hardware, drop wire hardware, drop cable hardware, pole line system, pole line accessories. Common products include: lashing clamps, span clamps, cable drive rings, P house hooks, guy grip, J hooks, spike head pole step, rolled point staple, strand vise, pole band , metal cable clips, dead end clamp for ADSS etc.

For the stainless steel banding strap series we possess advanced equipment that can provide the best price and shortest delivery time. We provide customizable options, thickness, width, length, and material (Including stainless steel 201/304/316/430). And we also provide stainless steel buckles and banding tools.

Crown Wealth has a strict QC team to strictly control every step of the production process and has very good control over the ADSS/OPGW hardware quality. Our expertise is expected to be your partner helping you save costs and remain competitive.

Cable clamps are accessories for wires and cables, sometimes called cable stops or cable clamps. They are used to bundle, clamp, clinch, mark, guide, and protect wires and cables. Commonly used in pole line engineering, indoor or outdoor antenna communication cable fixing.

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Hebei Crown Wealth Metal Products Co., Ltd. is professional manufacturer supplier of electrical hardwares. Wholesale aerial drop hardware, pole line hardware, stainless steel banding strap, ADSS & OPGW cable accessories, cable attachment, underground cable management. We provide you with factory price and quality assurance.

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