Suspension Solutions

Aerial Drop Hardware

Suspension devices for aerial networks Fitting for pole installation, reinforcement & protection As telecom infrastructure and roll out projects are subject to assorted engineering rules depending on the implementation location, most of Crown Wealth pole hardware solutions are designed to adapt to different types of poles: wooden, steel or concrete. This enables modularization, as one passive network equipment can be used interchangeably at […]

Pole Line Hardware Solutions

Pole Line Hardware

Pole line hardware is a significant part of the pole line construction, it is the hardware combined to create the electrical facility setup come true, it’s likewise termed pole line accessories or pole hardware fitting. The pole line hardware is joined together to make the installation come true, it is not only supporting the power […]

Applications for Stainless Steel Banding and Strapping

Stainless Steel Banding Strap

Applications for Stainless Steel Banding and Strapping Stainless steel banding, strapping, and tools may seem small and unassuming, but they can tackle some of the toughest, most important jobs you can throw at them! Every day, you’ll see the results of their work in the city on street signs, traffic lights, and pillars on nearly […]

Anchoring Solutions for Telecom Overhead Lines

ADSS & OPGW Cable Accessories

Anchor Clamps for Fiber Optic and Copper Overhead Networks Anchors enable cables to be secured to telecom and utility poles. We offer solutions designed specifically for fiber optic aerial networks: Anchoring of Fiber Optic Round Cables: Crown Wealth offers a diversifiedand complete solution for ADSS cables. Our anchor clamp are designed to permanently enhance cable roll-out jobs for […]