Pole Line Hardware Solutions

Pole line hardware is a significant part of the pole line construction, it is the hardware combined to create the electrical facility setup come true, it’s likewise termed pole line accessories or pole hardware fitting.

The pole line hardware is joined together to make the installation come true, it is not only supporting the power line but also protects the power line from flowing. The full line of the hardware needed for power utility applications includes anchor rod, guy clamp, pole band,  secondary clevis,  secondary rack, stay rod, street light arm, yoke plate, etc.

Utility pole mounting hardware is a quality utility power line part and accessory for the electrical market all over the world.

For different raw materials, there are different processes. For the angle steel, the process involves cutting, punching, welding, and bending. For the steel rod, the process is hot forged.

It is widely used in many constructions, such as Transmission Line, Telephone Pole Line, and Utility Pole Mounting Line.

The types of utility pole hardware:

There are hundreds of types, here are some key ones:

Anchor Rod

Ball Clevis

Guy Clamp

Pole Top Bracket

Secondary Clevis

Socket Clevis

Stay Rod

Steel Cross Arm

Here are some factors that play a huge role when choosing products.

Type of Material

Design of the Accessory

Safety Rating

Type of Application

Resistance to Various Conditions

Cost of Buying

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: P House Hook
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CW-TN: Single Forged Eye Nut
CW-TN: Single Forged Eye Nut
Galvanized for ASTM A 153, Usually assembly with double arming bolts, Machine bolts, thimble eye bolts
CW-SHB: Square Head Machine Bolt
CW-SHB: Square Head Machine Bolt
Square head machine bolts, constructed of high quality steel,are used to fasten utility pole-line hardware...
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CW-GUYTA: Preformed Guy Grip Tension Clamp For ADSS
Preformed tension clamp is used in the installation of the exposed conductor, in the electric network...
CW-SC: J Hook Suspension Clamp
CW-SC: J Hook Suspension Clamp
J Hook Suspension Clamp is used for the direct suspension of round fiber optic ADSS cables with Ø10 to 20mm...
CW-ESC: E Span Clamp
CW-ESC: E Span Clamp
Used in drop cable installations as an attachment to the strand for accepting the bail of Drop Wire Clamps.
CW-QSC Q Span Clamp
CW-QSC: Q Span Clamp
Q Span Clamp consists of high strength Aluminum jaws and a specially shaped bolt with a square nut. Material:...
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